The Berlin Fetish Ball Weekend

October, 9th - 10th 2009

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Berlin Fetish Ball 2009

The brandnew
Berlin Fetish Ball

Saturday, October 10th 2009 @ narva lounge

After the biggest fetish event there is in Germany the German Fetish Ball will move to Hamburg in 2010, the orgainzers worked hard to keep at least one great event in our great capital Berlin. And here it is the brandnew Berlin Fetish Ball.

It will attract up to 1000 fetish people from around the world and take place in the popular venues that hosted the GFB for six years. So the spirit stays alive in Berlin and promises a great weekend!

For the kickoff there is the popular BDSM Play Night on Friday, that was such a big success at the past German Fetish Ball Weekends. The tickets are limited and will be sold to couples only. So expect a vivid but still erotique party with intense bondage, dominance, submission, sadomasochism and the like at one of the best venues there is in Berlin - the Residenz Avalon. So if you are into this kind of parties, better hurry up, the last two Play Nights were sold out.

Saturday will be the day of the actual Berlin Fetish Ball. It will not use all of the floors of the German Fetish Ball, but will take place in all of the good rooms and have plenty of space for a calmer cocktail area to sit and drink, a 80s & Dark Wave floor as well as an Electro and House floor as well as a stage with several great shows. And the best, all for 50% of the entrance fee of the German Fetish Ball. You can't beat that much party for such a small amount of money.

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